1 Schuster – 500 Shoes

In April 2016 visited Elisabeth Domianus, Since the founding of Podo e.V. the Treasurer of the Association is, the Podo Centre in Ijaji. And the cobbler TSR Yasin, There his workshop and since last year makes leather shoes for people with Podokoniose. Here also you can visit his workshop:

2016 has TSR for Podo work in Western Ethiopia by hand 500 Boots manufactured. 2017 He wants his work on 1000 Increase shoes. You can donate here for the shoe production: Shoes for the CV

Click to enlarge the pictures please on it.

Getus workshop in Ijaji

The tool wall

Reading shows the pattern

Cut pieces of leather

From left to right: Podo Coordinator Pastor Doktore.MP3, Project Manager Christel Ahrens, Treasurer of Podo e.V. Elisabeth Domianus, and the Shoemaker TSR Yasin