10 Years Podo e.V.

What began in a county in Ethiopia, has grown up. In 41 Counties of West- Oromia are 283 Podo self-help groups emerged, where almost 20.000 Women and men participated. Many students (60.000) were informed about this disease and carried what they had learned into their families. The most neglected of all diseases has become known in some places.

Behind the numbers are individual fates of illness and disability, of exclusion and depression. Who gets this disease, is poor and usually gets poorer – that seemed to be a law. The commitment of Podo e.V. has brought hope to this lack of prospects. People on the margins of society found a place in it again; they can take care of themselves and are less likely to need support.

As the photos show, many people affected by Podo belong to the elderly and the elderly, denen wenig Beachtung im Gesundheitsystem zuteil wird. Wir konnten ihnen etwas zurückgeben, because they are, who have worked in the fields, to provide the population with food.