Member meeting 2020: We are pleased to welcome new members!

Most 11. January we met again for a general meeting. A joy for us, that Christel Ahrens, the coordinatrof the Podo work in Ethiopia, could be there again. In addition, we were able to welcome two new members of the club: Friederike Seim and Hermann Kruse. Friederike Seim knows Ethiopia and the Podo work through several trips and her personal contact with Christel, Hermann Kruse has lived for more than 40 years in Ethiopia, in Tschallia, one of the areas, where our Podo work began.

While we have been 1 1/2 years increasingly thought of it, reduce our association work more and more, we are all the more pleased about this, that we have been asked in Ethiopia, to continue work in some regions. Here are very dedicated Ethiopian employees, who stand up for their fellow human beings with pododonics. This allows us to, Increasingly in Ethiopian hands, and to continue the Podo work unabated. We are very pleased about this. What we still need, however,, financial support is, the funds cannot yet be made in a complete way in Ethiopia itself. There are still some vacancies in the financial calculation for the coming year and so the main focus of our association work for the next time is to collect donations.. On behalf of our Ethiopian patients and all Podo staff, we would like to thank all previous supporters and look forward to further assistance!