If she were healthy, would I be free – Caregivers of patients with Podo

People with Podokoniose often suffer from acute inflammation (Technical term: acute Adenolymphangitis), with swelling of the legs, severe pain, Be accompanied by chills and Bettlägrikeit.

The duration of such acute attack varies from person to person and the average is ca. 6,4 Days. This acute inflammation also differently often occur in various affected people; earlier research reports by 5 until 23 acute inflammation of the year.

Researchers from Ethiopia and Great Britain have 13 Relatives of Podo sufferers from Wayu woreda of Tuka (West Ethiopia) semi-structured interviews conducted, to find out, What impact have these acute attacks on the carers.

Family members reported the financial impact, because the person affected by Anna as well as they often do not work can go even during an acute phase. In addition come the cost of treatment for the care of patients at the local hospital. Involved in the care of the Podo diseased children, often they can go during the acute attack to school.

Also worried and emotional stress are called by the carers. Some members of respondents reported support from neighbors, Acquaintances and friends (example. Prepare food or lend money), If the family has to cope with an acute inflammatory stage of Podo affected. Other people in turn report missing help and support.

Here summarized the first research articles, who has examined the effects of acute Adenolymphangitis as a symptom of the Podokoniose on the carers.

Source: Phillips C., Samuel A, Tiruneh G, Deribe K, Davey G (2019) The impact of acute adenolymphangitis in podoconiosis on caregivers: A case study in Wayu Tuka woreda, Oromia, Western Ethiopia. ' If she what healthy, I would be free.'. PLoS Negl Trop DIS 13(7): e0007487.

Author summary: Dana Barthel