My first case of Podokoniose

My first case of Podokoniose

By Muna Ismail Abdi. Most 1. October I saw, Muna, Medical doctor and a member of the Podo e.V. and as such to an evaluation in Ethiopia, My first people with Podo.

He came by chance to the Kirchencompound in Ijaji, to check on new shoes. His shoes were worn out and had holes. We learned, that he constantly wears the shoes, What is important in the healing process of the feet.

He described, that he since 30 Years Podo, What began with swelling and pain in the feet, v.a.1. on the left foot. The symptoms on the right foot began after an injury with a hoe when working on the field.

The clinical findings revealed feet: Clean foot spaces, well maintained intact skin and scars from healed.

To its social situation, I learned, that he was homeless and now lives with a family in the House. He has little money total and is grateful for the support by Podo-group Church. He learned his illness to treat even five years ago, and his symptoms declined steadily. He can do any heavy physical work, But meanwhile more routes run. He is blind in one eye.

We talked to the Podo team and the Kirchenpräsidenten in, that poor people should be registered and get in the future once a year for free a few shoes and socks.