Odyssey with good output

Christel Ahrens, the Podo-Coordinator, made together with visitors from Rotenburg 2010 a visit to the clinic in de Basso, 70 km away from the asphalt road and South of Gimbi. There they encountered the clinic employee Tilaye Jirata.

Tilaye told of their Podoerkrankung. After the birth of their first child, she noticed the swelling on her feet as well as pain and itching of the same. She was desperate and was with antibiotics, Painkillers and drainage tablets. Treatment successes were however not of duration.

One day she heard on the radio of treatments in southern Ethiopia. She took the bus and drove to Soddo. From there she was transferred to another city and got antibiotics again. The cost of the 1500 km long journey, Accommodation and meals, more than a month's salary amounted to. Unfortunately not got better ever still.

2009 She learned of the clinic Director at de Basso, that she must keep their feet scrupulously clean and has always closed-toe shoes to wear. She followed the instructions and got SOAP and oils. Finally it was better with her feet.