World Day Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

What are neglected tropical diseases? Behind this are the most common diseases, which affect the world's poorest, z.B. Trachoma, Sleeping sickness, Schistosomiasis, Scabies, Leprosy, Rabies and others. Overall, they are 20 diseases recognized by the World Health Organization of: 1,7 Billion. People are affected – jeder 5. Man. Most often it is people from the African continent.

For these serious diseases, there would often be no adequate treatment or vaccination, as they affect the poorest population groups and are neglected by pharmaceutical research. The diseases are, which can lead to blindness or disabilities, for example, often easy to treat.

Podokoniosis is perhaps the most despicable of neglected tropical diseases. This is what DIFÄM is doing (German Institute for Medical Mission) most 3. World Day for Neglected Tropical Diseases Attentive.

DIFÄM: Project detail (