Barefoot, Plastic, Fabric and leather

Barefoot – Plastic – Fabric and leather: The three are “Types of clothing” for feet. Often, we report the inappropriate or even non-existent shoes in Ethiopia, that can cause, that people get sick with Podo. Here we want to show you a few pictures, so that you can get an idea, How to look footwear in Ethiopia.

Red shoesMaintain their feet like to girls and women in Ethiopia and wear stylish shoes. By you regularly wash their feet, protect Podokoniose. The families of many children do not have the financial means but, good and solid shoes to wear, where your feet would be best protected.

Plastic shoes

Children's feet

In the markets there to Hauf plastic products. Often they are the only shoes, the farmers can afford. Good leather shoes, how she make reading Yasin Podo project, can not afford many people. You would need to use part a whole month's salary on it.