Abschlussbericht "Tschallia" Part 3

Final report “Tschallia” Part 3

Part 3: Prevention in the form of education

Today is the last part of the final report of the Podo Centre Tschallia. You can find the first and second part here and here.

3) Prevention in the form of educationTsegaye 1

To in the 3. Year of the project of the Podo Centre Tschallia to strengthen the measures of prevention, was the teacher Tsegaye Teshager set as "Podo educator". Schoolchildren should be reached with him now, thus already in young years that cause can be pointed out by Podokoniose.

Tsegaye Tshager were in schools and during different meetings "Podo class" and distributed several thousand educational posters (see the blog entry for the poster action). (Add a link) Furthermore he designed for the local radio communications on Podokoniose.

Within 6 Months (December 2012 until may 2013) were more than 15.000 Students and 450 Teachers in 30 Schools on Podokoniose, the cause, Treatment and prevention.

This kind of educational work in the Ethiopian population is aimed, thorough feet washing, d.h. to establish the prevention of Podokoniose already in the child age in society. Self, When in children up to the age of 15 Note still no Podokoniose Symptomik years.



All the Podo activity should never be forgotten, that the infrastructure in Ethiopia is not well developed and many hours must be ride on for short distances to the part. The costs are not only on time and nerves, But even in the relatively good transportation, motivated employees and Helfer_innen.

It is all the more encouraging and motivating, that it was possible in the past three years 3.000 Treat sufferers and 15.000 To be able to teach students! Within this period of time were many new strategies will be designed and tested and the measures of treatment be extended to the equally important measures of prevention.

This work would have been impossible without a constantly developed further organization and planning. It was very evident, It is very important in the fight against Podokoniose, to have a focal point for the people involved, a partner on the ground and also the possibility of supervision by Podo-Koordinator_innen.