After 10 Years

I, Christel Ahrens, Am on my way to Mettu, Which one 620 km west of the capital Addis Ababa. This time I don't make the long journey in one day, because I have to get rabies vaccine for the clinic in Challia first.

Before dawn I arrive in Bedelle. The city is known for its beer. After dinner, a stranger asks me: After all, they are the ... and points to my feet. Yes, that's me.Aragash - Meeting in Bedelle

Before 10 for years there was a Podo self-help group in Bedelle, which was not continued due to conflict/corruption. This woman, her name is Aragash, was one of the more 100 Participants. And how are your feet doing now? You: Good, sometimes they swell, but they do not hurt. The soap was good. I: Soap is also on the market. You: But it is not the, which is like medicine.

On the way back 3 Days later I put a stop in Bedelle and sell her two pieces of soap. She has my phone number and if she manages to organize other people with podo, then we would deliver soap to Bedelle in the future, i give her that.

Your 1. Call the next day: If you are in Germany, then bring me something for the stomach pain.

There is still so much to do.