Berlin community supports Podo project

Berlin community supports Podo project

At the beginning 2012 started a Podo Centre for sufferers in the region of Khanka. This is not used by the Podo e.V., but by the “Khanka district” worn from a community in Berlin.

Anne Sommerfeld reported:

Since we have done locality/village also a donation for Podo work in Ethiopia as a parish Berlin, was I particularly interested in as a Podiatrist, the General work and results to follow.

1) Home visits

On Friday, the 08.02.13, We went with Sister Bogalech and Tsegaye home visits “work off”. This is a very hard working hours, because all participants will be visited at home personally, the trails are far, It's hot, a preprinted list of English must be filled in truthfully and every single person needs attention, Attention, Attention and in individual cases, even a vigorous demand.

Ethiopia 343

Sister Bogalech shoe distribution

We arrived in houses, you are very tidy, as with the owner. She took their extra foot immediately on request- Bowl with the specific SOAP and a kind of grater flap from Codependence plastic bag. She showed her shoes and can be in their discipline- make – the success of healing is your right. It was after- asked, whom they about their disease and the healing- success has told.

Also in poor huts, we met on sufferers and a proper handling of the regulations, However are still statements, How is the disease “angehext”. In a few cases, lacks seriousness, then fails the success and the feet are the size of shoe boxes and the infections are painful. It lies in the hand of the affected.

Ethiopia 344The Podo team then repeatedly mentioned the recipe for success – Easy: SOAP, Salt, Shoes, Socks, Ointment, TRA- flows, at the beginning of 2 Washing day – with the economical to- course with water! Much Überzeugungsar- Beit had to be paid only, but the success is great. Finally a project, that in a reasonable period of time of one year has a super great success, to be exempt from a bad illness or. to alleviate this disease and that in adult humans, they are often already retracted and very skeptical. Everyone can take part in social life again, No one is more excluded.

2) Final party

In Tschallia, we received several bags of new special shoes for distribution in Khanka; such transport services take over even people from other projects like this wide country.

On the church grounds, there was a central assessment of the feet and issuance of new shoes, SOAP and socks. A meticulously-run collection in a sister Bogalech led, thick A4 book provides information about: Age, Residential address, Diagnosis and Kankheitsverlauf, Participation in the meetings, may pay for shoes and socks. Signed by the victims themselves often with thumbprint. Lists writing, We were able to work with the distribution and patient care.

Very human and probably familiar a woman signaled by their facial expression: “No, I don't want the shoes, I want smaller and much fancier!”

Then it became official and the Thanksgiving in worship was very emotional! The significance in the Protestant community, the responsibility and sympathy is very strong feeling. The ceremony and the Feast was very large. Dinner once again confirmed the cohesion. The great healing success due to the help under the auspices of the Protestant community, and the dedicated work of sister Bogalesh and Tsegaye.

All donations and prayers were here from success.

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