Clean feet and a radiant face

Some time ago I met this woman accidentally. A quick glance at their feet betray, She has Anna. We got to talking. Eight years ago, she took part in one of our Podo self-help groups. Since it is well her feet. With pride and without any shame she takes off her stockings and shows me her feet. I can photograph them.

The feet can be seen, that decreased the swelling and ' folds’ have left. The wart-like skin lesions are healed and back remain of pigmented skin areas. The feet are clean and intact. She's wearing stockings in the half-open Platiksandalen, what protects them against the silicates. She washes her feet every day. Others do it out of the Group and whose feet are not healthy, She tells.

At encounters with people affected by Podokoniose we look not only at the feet, but also in the face: Their broadcasts.

Christel Ahrens.