Completion of the Podo project in Ijaji

A quick start
The Podo project based in Ijaji- 220 km west of Addis Ababa - started am 18. September 2012. On this day representatives of State health authorities in two counties met the country Church and Christel Ahrens with representatives of Podo e.V. The movie about the Podokoniosearbeit in Tshallia made impression and awakened the desire for own Podo work in Ijaji and its surroundings, where many people of this disease are also affected. To determine the extent of, registered the village health assistants all people with big feet. A month later she began 1. Podo - support group.

The staff * indoor spot
Within the next 2 Years have been 1.247 People-oriented and guided in self treatment. QES Doktore.MP3, a pastor concerned itself by Anna, through his tireless efforts, became the key person. Three women produced the medical soaps and oils. TSR started orthodpädische shoes to customize. QES Mekonnen, the President of the Lutheran Church, support the work forces and a separate account was established for the financial. After Jale as medical expert work, expanded work in the following four years continuously.

And this was achieved:

  • 43 Podo self-help groups in 5 Oriented districts 2,814 People (60% Women).
  • 8.358 Students * inside were informed of Podo, also contribute to the prevention and de stigmatisation.
  • Podo self-help group members have improved considerably their foot care behaviour.
  • 90% say, her feet are today “healthier” as before 5 Years compared to 15% those, no self-help group visited.
  • Locally earning opportunities were created for eleven people - a contribution to the reduction of the pressure of migration.