Corona in Ethiopia (Update)

Corona in Ethiopia (Update)

Many countries in the world are struggling with the pandemic, while many African countries are unaffected. Is it because of the, that less is tested? Ethiopia has a population of 110 millions and reports on 08.12.2020 the following figures: 113.735 positive cases of Covid-19 and 1.755 Deaths (1.5%).

African countries are young. It's usually warm and you don't get a cold as often. People are healthier and less affected by modern civilisational diseases than in developed countries. Recently, traces of the Neanderthal gene have been blamed for severe Covid-19 histories. The gene does not occur in African peoples.

Im März sahen die Prognosen von WHO und von Bill Gates düster aus: population density and an underdeveloped health system would lead to, that the continent could be hardest hit by the pandemic. Then came the lockdown: Schools closed. Distance rules (1.50 m are shorter here than in Germany), Mask duty, Hand washing devices, many carry a disinfectant with them … Vorbereitungen für ‘Lazarette’ were hit and there were hamster purchases. In the population, fear was.

It was – as usual here – much prayed, because there was agreement across religious boundaries: Only God can help us. The government called on the faithful of all religions to pray. People believe, that their prayers have been answered. Suspects will write doctoral papers about it in years to come, why Africa was rather spared from the pandemic.

Prayers continue to be held, that God may protect people from the pandemic. As you know, the coverage of African media by Western media is very patchy. The continent usually has to make negative headlines. Enough other problems exist: War, economic hardship, Locusts, which is also reported in the international media.