Corona in Ethiopia

Recently, I was, Christel, message following from a Podo employee: Some people, which have now also been tested positive for Corona in our small town, “Hide” itself or. flee to other places.

The first cases were diagnosed in mid-March, a few days later, the Lockdown. In front of the public buildings are water and soap, everyone has to wash their hands, Wear mouth-nose cover on public transport. The elections have been postponed again. The national emergency is being misused for political purposes, to intimidate or even kill unwelcome competitors for the next election. People are suffering from inflation, poor food supply, Loss of income, etc.. Who has money, made hamster purchases just as in Germany.

The number of corona cases remained low at first, as in other African countries: In Ethiopia, from mid-March to mid-May, there were 300 Cases. In recent weeks, the number has risen to 3.630 with 61 Deaths (1.8%) Increased, Stand 17.6.20. Of course, the test capacity is no longer up and there is a high level of obscurity.

The population has been informed quickly and well about the new disease. Each phone call was given an info about Corona and how to behave, Upstream. But there is soap in the countryside only in a few households and many people share a room. The population seeks comfort and strengthening in their respective faiths. Even the government has called for four weeks of fasting and prayer. “In the end, only God can help us”, you often hear.

Our Podo work went even further, because we also informed about Corona, now, of course, with distance rules and no more than 4 People. We are considering, how we can react in the future, z.B. by reducing shoe prices.

I, Christel, I came from Ethiopia in mid-May and hope, fly back in September as planned, as far as you can still plan today.