The Club member Muna Ismail Abdi introduces itself

I'm Muna, studied medicine and 12 In the AIRA hospital (West Ethiopia) completed during my nursing training a Praktiklum. This was my second experience of' Africa' after my birth in Somaliland.

I grew up in Göttingen and Hamburg made my nursing education and worked in a cardiac intensive care unit. During my studies I lived in Lübeck and returned again in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, where I work now.

The friendship with Christel Ahrens I learned from the Podo Association and became a Member, because I have a relation to East Africa, because as a doctor interested in the disease, and because I like to would like to inform about the disease. I am z.B. found on the old Rixdorf Christmas market at the Podostand in Berlin. There we will inform about the disease and our Club work, We sell various items and collect donations for the Association. To date, there is always an annual reunion of members, scattered living in Germany.

I was happy with the Chairman Maike Stelter perform the evaluation in Ethiopia for the Club.