Treatment of people with podo in the Ethiopian war year 2021

Since November 2020 a war raged in northern Ethiopia, which destroyed many human lives as well as private and public goods. From an Ethiopian perspective, the coverage of the international media was very one-sided. Embassies called on their compatriots, to leave the country. Since the beginning of the year, the fighting has stopped. The extent of the devastation becomes visible. Everyone is affected by high inflation, which leads to impoverishment. People worry about the future. They are shocked, how the once peaceful coexistence of the different nationalities is now poisoned. Earlier this year, many political prisoners were granted amnesty. A lot depends on it, whether it is possible to involve all peoples and religions in politics on an equal footing. The Podo work could be continued. Some group meetings were cancelled, what was due to the security situation. We are grateful, that we were able to maintain our commitment to people with Podo for people, who have been neglected so often in their lives.

On their behalf (1.758 Women & Men) we say THANK YOU!