History of Leense

History of Leense

Sometimes you have to operate the history of Leense-.

Leense grew up without a family. She worked from small on the House of other people. Due to their poverty, she has never worn shoes and then developed Podo. In their case, the feet are swollen particularly strong.

Leense lives in a remote area. The pastor of her church had heard of the Podoarbeit in Ijaji and narrated by her. According to oral instructions by the pastor, she began treating self, that means daily foot hygiene. For her large feet, there were no shoes in Ijaji.

As the head of the shoe workshop in Ijaji went to a training, he needed people he wanted to make special shoes for that. So Leense came in September 2016 According to Addis Ababa. Her feet were measured for shoes and they were photographed and sent a surgeon for assessment.

After the operation

Two months later, Leense was accompanied by a Community Member, for the trip, the municipality had money ge collects, in the distant AIRA. Her foot was operated on there. The surgery and the hospital stay cost €90. We will report back in a year of her.

Each year are by Podo e.V. Costs for very extreme cases of Podo, need an operation, funded.