Documentary film

The documentary film “Podoconiosis – In the footsteps of foot disease in Ethiopia” in March 2011 by young students of the initiative “GoE for AET” ( have been created. This contact since 2010 for victims of Podokoniose – now also in the Podo e.V.

Within the framework of the film three stations visited, to the main station are Tschallia.

  1. Falamitu Dilla: Here had the opportunity to experience, Learn how the Podokoordinatorin a new station opened sister Bogalech and people affected by Anna for the first time of the cause and treatment of their disease.
  2. Haro Sabu: The rush by 360 The large number of persons concerned and on the other hand, the urgent need of the population showed patients visit this station a, something about the foot disease, to learn to treat them.
  3. Wara Dalle: In this village, we were allowed to see, how patients get shoes for the first time, which are issued after a year of continuous care and treatment.

It was a special experience Interview with a Schuster, We talked to the roadside in AIRA. During the meeting gathered a large crowd around us, listened eagerly and positively praised the handyman for his answers.


“Of course, all people wear shoes in Germany. There's no such economic issues as ours.”
Markos (Schuster)


Most 29. March 2011 We had occasion also the Podokoordinatorin in Tschallia, Sister Bogalech, in her house to visit. A short film, He told in beautiful images of the everyday life of the Ethiopian.