Experience report: Visit to the Podo Centre Ijaji

Experience report: Visit to the Podo Centre Ijaji

Recently visited Erdme Knauf (in the post image above with Jolinda in bus) the Podo Centre Ijaji in Western Ethiopia. Here she reported their experiences:

I did not know, What would await me, When we went to the Podokoniose patients in the West of Ethiopia. The stay very well liked, and I think the Podo Club does there really good job... It's nice to see, that development cooperation is not only still means, that a large part of the money in management and organization flows.


Erdme Podo station

But in this project, you can be really sure, that immediately help people. With simple means such as wash Bowl, SOAP, Socks and ointment begins the first meeting, in which the project coordinator Christel Ahrens and a local employee in the interview find out with the population, What is Podo and how it is produced. It is very sure, It is understandable for all.


The concept, that the participants must take part in several meetings and only at the end get a pair of good shoes, I have managed, for this, they recognize, that it's not just wearing shoes, but above all on the foot hygiene, that they can affect only themselves. Even a small amount of participants has to be paid, I think it is important, It is not a pure business. I hope, that the Club continues to play so well running.

Thank you, I was taken with.

Podo Coordinator Bulti collects money