From the Schuhflicker to the own shoe shop

TSR Yasin lives in Ijaji. He is ca. 33 Years old. It is an exceptional business talent.

TSR and ATO Tekle, an experienced orthopedic technician

TSR began as a shoeshine boy/Schuhflicker and organized others his 'Guild'. Once he appeared as young entrepreneurs in the Ethiopian television, because he still a hairdressing salon and a restaurant next to the cobbler Guild.

Four years ago, looking for a shoemaker, was recommended the Podo employees in Ethiopia TSR. As he maßanfertigte a pair of shoes for a man with very large feet by hand, We knew, that we finally the right person found.

Meanwhile, he has learned a lot and developed his own shoe models. He says: When I see people running barefoot, I always remember, that I would make them the favorite shoes. My vision is, cheap shoes for needy people to produce. With Podo e.V. was he given the opportunity, This vision to realize.


In the last year (2017) created more than 1.000 Pair of shoes, including orthopedic products. The production costs are much lower, as if the shoes in a factory would have to be purchased. Currently, four young people in the shoe shop on the grounds of the Church are working. The quality has spread and the demand is growing. By the way, TSR operates his restaurant on the main road continues to, where the Podo employees often meet for breakfast.

2018 He opened his own shoe shop.

An employee in the shop to cut leather