Good idea - failed implementation

Good idea - failed implementation

What they have learned is a is better, If you just practiced… so we thought information campaigns in relation to the Podo at schools. It is so important, When is informed about the disease and encouraging hygiene. Many diseases can only by daily washing of hands, Face and feet be prevented. The use of SOAP is especially important. Would it not be better, If one the students * inside just another piece of SOAP with home can give, then even the family is mobilized?

So Wagari Beka pulled out in March 2019 with 1000 Piece of SOAP after Nole Kaba. Whatever he had to get advance permission to teaching at the schools in the school of district. With their letters of recommendation, he went to the nearby schools. Were the students * inside – as tens of thousands before them – informed of Podo and then to the grand finale, they got a little bar of SOAP this time… However, only the classes 1 until 4, because the SOAP was not enough for all.

After this action, mutinied the students * inside of the higher age groups and threatened the teacher * inside, who then asked Wagari, in the future no SOAP more to hand out.

We were still so optimistic in the project design on

SOAP for students * inside to teach other hygiene behavior
Podo-staff * innnen have already reached tens of thousands of students * inside through her lessons at schools with information about Podokoniose. The importance of SOAP for health cannot be overstated. Also in Europe, smallpox had, Plague and cholera once their causes in the prevailing lack of hygiene!

2018 should be linked more closely together theory and practice. As encouragement, the Podo employees in the schools want to, visit the new school year, issue to all students * inside SOAP. The piece costs 25 Cent in the production. If a total 1000 € will be donated, can 4000 Students * inside get a bar of SOAP and take home. What does a man early, characterizes the behavior sometimes for life.

Start of the project: October 2018 -February 2019
Implementation: Schools in Gore, DAPO Gatcho, De Basso and Dilla

After the experiences of Wagari we have not pursued this approach.