Members- and peer group meeting

In may members of Podo e.V met this year for the first time. and the Peer Group, for years work by Christel Ahrens as well as that of the Club support, to a joint meeting in Burgdorf.

V.l.n.r. 1. Series: Hanna Menz (Secretary), Hannah Hansen Walbeck, Maike Stelter (Chairman) with Erik, Sabine Peter, Annabell Demera with Jona; 2. Series: Ronny Pomsel, Christel Ahrens, Jette Förster, Peter Zer-che, Obbo Etana, Christine cubic, Abdi Demera, Friederike SEIM, Elisabeth Domianus (Treasurer), Sabine Stelter, Kathrin Burkhardt, Lauritz Laatzen.

There we have elected our new Chairman Maike Stelter and much new from the Podo projects in Ethiopia heard and considered. The report by Obbo was especially valuable (= Mr) Etana, He jointly by the District of Khanka (Berlin) and Podo e.V. had been invited and was just on visit to Germany. Obbo Etana is a key people of work by Anna e.V. in Ethiopia. The Podo Centre language he maintains a church circle with twelve communities, in which he performs Podo self-help groups independently. His wife Tsehaye manufactures medical SOAP and oils, be distributed to the affected foot care. Obbo Etana and song have five children, visit a school or training establishment in part in Addis Ababa. Also, a new copy of the leather shoes, they use of Podo e.V. produced in Ethiopia, showed above Obbo Etana. The quality so impressed Peter Zerche, that Obbo Etana him the pair as a spontaneous gift for the past one and a half years, the has been Peter Chairman-in-Office of the Club, presented with.

We wish you a nice summer!

Her Podo e.V.