Podo Centre Chanka

The Podo project duration: 2013-2017

Number of self-help group members: 2511 Members

Goals for 2017: Evaluation; Germany visit of co-ordinator Obbo Etana



1. Situation in Khanka

Khanka is an Ethiopian town 570 km west of the capital Addis Ababa. By Podokoniose many adults are affected, more specifically one has of 20 Podoconiosis – 2/3 are women. The consequences are pain, Insomnia, recurrent inflammation with confinement to bed (= Incapacity for work) and to be excluded the painful experience of the company.

2. The first two years of the project


2013 have become 210 People in the small town in Anna- Self-help groups organized and learned, What to do., to recover from this disease slowly. The treatment- success spread quickly. 2014 could seven Podo - self help- groups in surrounding villages are founded.

The Podo-team in Khanka (Photo links, from right to left): Song Cook medical SOAP and oils; Hebtamu, Nurses took over the medical consultancy; Christel is the logistics and administration; Etana visited the groups monthly.

Obbo Etana (Photo on right) is Church administrator by 15 Municipalities and would like to have a Podo in all self-help group. He founded and attended all nine groups monthly and supports a colleague in the neighbouring district.

3. Goals for 2015

Podo e.V. want to share with the western Wollega Bethel Synod of the Ethiopian Church of Mekane Yesus 1000 Reaching people with Podokoniose. For this purpose 15,000 Euro required, because a treatment is equivalent 15 Euro. The members of the self-help groups assume itself ca. 6 Euro of the cost.

4. 2015 and 2016 – This was achieved:

Meanwhile Obbo Etana gets invitations from other counties. The effectiveness of the treatment in the Podo self-help groups talk is. Since 2015 were 1.661 People (1.102 Women, 66%) in 12 Treated self-help groups / 5 counties. The groups are located in places, they are mostly accessible by public transport. Only to a group of Etana and Wagari had to, a special school teacher, 3-4 Running hours.

This Wagari project staff has in 10 Schools 6.420 Pupils of Podo, the causes and consequences, Prevention and recovery (Foot hygiene) cleared up. Get on this path information also about the 'foot-healthy' population.

Unfortunately many people do not regularly come to all monthly meetings, because they believe, that they are healed after visiting, as is the case in other diseases. The fast improvement seems to confirm this assumption. However, this is a fallacy: Chronic diseases require discipline and stay tuned.

In October 2016 a study was conducted. The result will show, How many people Anna have and how many have so far participated in self-help groups. Also, knowledge and self treatment is obtained. At the end, the persons concerned receive a Podo SOAP. Then decide the next steps in the fight against Podo.

2016 is a year, the coffee crop was poor in the. There was also unrest in the country, What unsettled the economy. As Anna affect almost exclusively poor, for many, was the cost of a pair of shoes (1/3 of the market value) too high. Only 35% a pair of leather shoes bought the treated. Therefore the equity share was reduced.

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  1. Evangeline Krause
    Evangeline Krause · June 12, 2016 at 17:19:55 · →

    A worthwhile, clearly thought-out approach to a clinical picture, It met in Ethiopia right on the street, with me in my years of work in Ethiopia (aethiop. School and German-speaking community in Addis) always helpless pity has raised. I am glad about ANNA and the engagement of the Executive Board and the members and wish you God's blessing, keep is a good motivation and healing stories, Courage make the other sick. Good, You have established you, Thank you, that you are helping!
    Evangeline Krause, Edermünde near Kassel

    1. Jette
      Jette · June 12, 2016 at 18:14:22 · →

      Dear Mrs Krause,

      Thank you for your feedback and your interest!

      Many greetings,
      Podo e.V.

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