Podo Centre Chanka – An update.

In the Centre of Podo in Khanka a lot has happened in the last year:

Meanwhile Obbo Etana Gets, the Coordinator of the local Centre, Invitations from other counties. The effectiveness of the treatment in the Podo self-help groups talk is. Since 2015 were 1.661 People (1.102 Women, 66%) in 12 Treated self-help groups / 5 counties. The groups are located in places, they are mostly accessible by public transport. Only to a group of Etana and Wagari had to, a special school teacher, 3-4 Running hours.

This Wagari project staff has in 10 Schools 6.420 Pupils of Podo, the causes and consequences, Prevention and recovery (Foot hygiene) cleared up. Get on this path information also about the 'foot-healthy' population.

Unfortunately many people do not regularly come to all monthly meetings, because they believe, that they are healed after visiting, as is the case in other diseases. The fast improvement seems to confirm this assumption. However, this is a fallacy: Chronic diseases require discipline and stay tuned.

In October 2016 a study was conducted. The result will show, How many people Anna have and how many have so far participated in self-help groups. Also, knowledge and self treatment is obtained. At the end, the persons concerned receive a Podo SOAP. Then decide the next steps in the fight against Podo.

2016 is a year, the coffee crop was poor in the. There was also unrest in the country, What unsettled the economy. As Anna affect almost exclusively poor, for many, was the cost of a pair of shoes (1/3 of the market value) too high. Only 35% a pair of leather shoes bought the treated. Therefore the equity share was reduced.