Podo Centre Ijaji

The Podo project duration: September 2012 until 2018

Number of self-help group members: 2814 Members


1. Successfully completed the first phase of the project

A Podo self-help group meeting

Podo e.V. and representatives of the Central Gibbe Synod of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus as well as diplomatic personnel of the district.- ständigten in September 2012 on it, People with Podokoniose to participate at Podo - self-help groups- Download. Within 2 Years have been in 4 Rural districts 16 Podo - self help groups policy- sories. So could 1400 People are reached with Podokoniose. Specifically, she learned the cause of her illness and were oriented in effective treatment of equity. The necessary materials (SOAP, Bowls, Ointments, Socks and shoes) bought them at reduced price locally in their Podo- Self help group. The daily, domestic equity treatment was through 6-12 monthly meetings at village level supported.

Results: 72% the members received a pair of leather shoes 'made in Ethiopia' by their Podo self-help group. Women produced locally through 6,000 Medical SOAP as well as many cans with medicated oil (Neem Oil) and sold them during the meetings of the Podo - self-help groups. The total cost of treatment amounted to ca 17,000 €, d.h. a 'treatment' is about €12.50 per person. 20% the costs raised by the affected. Shoes are with 50% the project cost of the most expensive part, but essential as effective prevention.

2. The employees

The members of the support groups listed QES Doktore.MP3

QES Doktore.MP3 is pastor of the Church, in which the first Podo self-help group in the order- circle of Ijaji began. It is affected also by Podo and struck by his talent for organization. So he took over responsibility quickly. The Church placed him free from his municipal duties, so he almost all self-help groups monthly on- was looking for. He is from the Podo- Indispensable project in Ijaji and its surroundings, and plays a key role in the highly efficient project.

Belainesh sold medicated oil

A small group of four women cooking oils, medical SOAP and QES Doktore.MP3 guided per a woman at the monthly be- the various self- help groups. The Group learned the SOAP making, received one of- Fishing funding of the project and works since then independently.



3. Shoe production in Ijaji

TSR, the Shoemaker

Since July 2014 There is a small shoe repair shop on the church grounds. Here manufactures TSR, a local Shoemaker leather shoes for people with Podo at. The workshop is equipped with a leather sewing machine- supplies as well as all other necessary tools. The goal is to provide the groups to the Podo project Ijaji with shoes in the future. TSR is also Spezialanferti- conditions for feet, that do not fit in the shoes , She otherwise available on the market.

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