Podo Centre Challiya

The small town of Tschallia is located in the Federal State of Oromiya (West Ethiopia), located about 500km from the capital city. It includes 3000 Inhabitants and belongs to the District of Guliso.

The Podo project duration: 2009 until 2016

Number of self-help group members: > 3000


1. Small start, great success

The Podo's headquarters in Tschallia

Started in three villages around Tschallia Christel Ahrens 2009 the Podo- Project. Until 2013 were in the District of 100 km in approximately 50 Villages Podo- Self-help groups established. Three of these self-help groups, you can in our Film visit.

Already 2011 could 950 Members in total 9 Self-help groups successfully complete the treatment. After this encouraging start, forces are free, to organize new self-help groups.

In the summer 2013 the last self-help groups to Tschallia is completed. Most people are again capable of work and integrated into everyday village. The swelling of her feet have gone back so far, You can wear normal shoe sizes. At that time, those affected should be able, on its own responsibility to care about the protection and the further improvement of their feet.

Übigens: Who wants to find Tschallia in Google Maps/Earth, can enter the following coordinates: 9.214966, 35.415616

2. The staff

The first meeting of a new group of Podo self-help was always the nurse Bogalech Terfasa This. The founding of a group in the first quarter, visiting the stations every month. All participants of the self-help groups have been examined individually by you and advise.

Sister Bogalech learns new employees

Also sister Bogalech trained volunteer employees from the respective communities, from the fourth month of the project affected people their own secret- ten.

Pro village there was a Podo self-help group for all sufferers of the place. Two volunteer assistants organized the Group and received a small allowance from the village. But community elders, Pastors and women's groups involved, by informing the population about the disease and its causes, as well as the treatment option and try, the stigma related to reduce.

3. Special features

In Tschallia, many more women than men are affected, What probably is related to cultural reasons. For example, many men have more money than women, so they rather can afford it, Boots to buy. In addition, mothers offer often first for the foot covering of their children, as for their own.

4. Current status

In January 2014 held a farewell party for the Podo Centre Tschallia. Podo e.V. withdraws it largely from the Super vision.

Individual affected, the still very large feet, should also 2014 continue to care and support. Further launches Podo e.V. in Tschallia a soap subsidy. The medical SOAP, that is produced on site for Podo sufferers, should be cheaper by a subsidy, Thus, the persons concerned even after their feet are back healthier, the SOAP will continue to buy and use.

5. Partner

Through publicity and donations is the Podo-Center in Tschallia of the German Institute for medical mission (DIFÄM), of the parish of Holzmindender-Bodenwerder, the one Partnership with Tschallia, and of the students initiative “GoeforAet” supports.