Podo meeting: 25-27. February 2018

This year, the first Anna meeting in Addis Ababa was held. Two of the employees * inside never had been in the capital. In addition to a tour of the city, we invited two employees of the othodoxen partner organization, to hear their experiences with Podo_Gruppen in the Amhara region in the North of Ethiopia. We found many parallels.

Three of the Employee * inside the first hour (Sister Bogaletch, Obbo Etana and QES Doktore.MP3) adopted at the meeting of the working. You have in their places the ca. 3000 Informed people about Podokoniose and most of them also by their foot disease cure, how our evaluations confirm.

There are also new faces in our Podo work: Almaz, affected even by Anna, supports Wagari in Aleku, outside of Dembidollo. Hebtamu is back after a three and a half year break. He is the Director of a small church hospital and is far remote areas and in part also Muslim villages reachable by Podo groups. We look forward to its report at the next meeting of the Podo in August.

With a new Prime Minister, we hope for a better security situation in the country, What is the prerequisite for our far-field work.

Christel Ahrens.