Podo workshop on the Merkato

The Merkato is Ethiopia's largest market--and even the largest market in Africa said some travel guide. There is everything there, What man needs, and accordingly, masses of people cavort… It's hectic, loud and full of smells and impressions

I, Muna, accompanied TSR today (10.10.18) on its purchases for the shoe workshop in Ijaji. We bought leather, Adhesive, Soles, Cardboard and socks.

TSR has its root shops and compare prices and quality of the goods from different vendors. We shopped at five or six different stores, paid, each received evidence and collected the goods at the end of each retailer. Packed in bags of shopping was transported by carriers to the truck. There, the bags were numbered, loaded up and drove on the same day after Ijaji. In Ijaji TSR takes the bags in reception the next day and your content will be registered in the warehouse of the shoe workshop.

On this day, we have the most accessories for 100 Bought a pair of Podo shoes. I was surprised, that everything is so easily worked and all purchases on our truck came … and I was slain by the operation and the pressures on Ethiopia's largest market.