Very simple. - A reflection

Very simple. – A reflection

"To tackle Podo, is easy." Time and again I'm in meetings of the Association and with people, I read those reviews about Podokoniose, This set of lips. A few years ago, I got the complete set on one of my films"Prevention would be so simple"attached. And also other Podo organizations have films, that provide. For example, the new animated film"Best foot forward"by Ripple effect images, He international Podo initiative Footwork was made.

Jette Förster reported on the Central German Kirchentag on Podo

Jette Förster reported on the Central German Kirchentag on Podo

But, I don't feel good while watching this film, and the sentence, the I have spoken out as often as, no longer fits me. Is it really so, as the film shows it? A foreigner comes to an Ethiopian village and enlighten people affected by Anna. We have compared this ever so, what it's like, brush your teeth a child to teach. So start the person concerned, to the feet to wash and wear shoes - problem easily solved. Ethiopians and invested apparently not thoroughly enough wash their feet and wear no shoes, otherwise there would eventually not be Podo.

It is not quite so simple just yet. And maybe this aspect in our conversations is sometimes too short. We want to raise donations for, Podo is easily treatable, and quickly achieved success. If it were only a question of education about the disease and the discipline of the feet washing in the affected, could we had probably already even greater successes.

So why is, that prevention and treatment not like wildfire to get access?

In the countryside there is no running water in the houses, It must be obtained from the fountain. Who is Anna, should clean his feet at best three times daily. The feet ache severely - who sends you to the water pick up? Many of those affected have even no solid family network, but are shunned even by their neighbors and neighbors from fear of contamination. And once the water is recovered, to be there first to drink, for cooking, take for livestock or for the feet, anyway will be dusty again after a few minutes?

Sandals made of plastic on a market in Ethiopia's capital

Sandals made of plastic on a market in Ethiopia's capital

There are also in the village markets to buy shoes, including one once a week is up. Many people resort to plastic sandals. These are cheap and protect from the Rocky paths, However quickly go broke. Quality and of course expensive shoes, however, are too good for the work of farmers and farmers and for ploughing, Ordering and harvesting the fields mostly undressed. With the large lumps of mud under the sole's Yes but not properly could be run. And shoes for children, from which they out grow permanently, and when playing, Suffer works and the long distances, be worth it financially actually also not. And yet there are straight women, Mothers, Shoes make all family members from themselves.

The list of challenges for people, who have to live with Podokoniose, could still be continued. In the end, it's true, they need a few resources, to treat their disease, and therein lies the great potential of a quick, successful help. Whether they perceive this help and permanently changed their lives, is the affected, and can be viewed only with a respectful look at their individual resumes and social contexts.

Jette Förster, Podo e.V.