The language project – An update

Five years have passed, Since the Podo Centre in Khanka took its course.
2017 is the focus on language and the immediate surroundings. Here is the personal Union of Obbo Etana as Podo employees and at the same time administrator of 21 Municipalities of the West Wollega Bethel Synod a stroke of luck. The prospect of sustainability is connected with this integration.

In the beginning was the call by Siegfried Menthel: "Is it true, that your in Tschallia People treated successfully with this thick feet?"He and others from the Khanka district in Berlin had heard during its visit in Ethiopia. They made contact with their partner community in language with the Podoarbeit in Tschallia and they did also finances.

In February 2012 the met then 1. Podo self-help group in Khanka. Two years later, were 276 People at least once at a Podo-meeting, mainly women (77%). Regular participation in the support group was rewarded by improvement of the feet, It begat an evaluation. The person concerned knew also about causes and treatment, While the disease is still largely unknown in medical circles.

Then followed 2014 the stage of enlargement on 19 Places in 6 Rural districts. A new group was started only on invitation. Also, the place had to be reachable. Some groups had to 183 Lecturers - too many. Last year was the group size maximum 70 People set, so that we could meet each and every one.

The bottom line: There have been 2534 People with Podo by 26 Self-help groups reached, of which 68% Women. Medicated oils and soaps produced in Khanka. This complex work was organized by Obbo Etana and performed as well as financially settled. Jale, a nurse, and Wagari, a psychology, support him for three years. You taught to 19 Schools and informed 13,653 Students of Podokoniose. By means of evaluations could respond to gaps in the work, as well as the comments of the interested parties be involved.