Our current project: KHANKA

Also 2015 acquires Podo e.V. the financial support of the Podo Centre Khanka. There have already 850 Invested organized in Podo - self-help groups – 150 do we still take until the end of the year.The treatment success had spread already by Podo - self-help groups in the region, so also in the small town of Khanka, 570 km west of Addis Ababa.

P1010232 put on stockings - Copy

Many Podo sufferers get socks over the project for the first time in her life.

2012 It came to an initial planning meeting with the citizens- Masters and representatives of the social services, as well as the rebel- Phil Church. It has been agreed, first to start a trial in the small town and the then evaluate. The Partner- municipality in Berlin Schmöckwitz declared himself ready this pilot- phase to finance. In the small town were in a year 210 People treated with Podokoniose. And that spread in turn quickly in the adjacent villages.

In the autumn 2013 Rose Anna e.V. a. The end of 2014 a total 850 People with Podokoniose in 9 Podo- Self-help groups treated. 2015 has Anna e.V. Language and environment focus area work explained. Cooperation has the western Wollega Bethel Synod based in Dembi Ashok.

Counting money P1010265 Obbo Etana - Copy

Mr Etana counting the money, that self-help group members for the socks add.

Mr Etana is the motor of the Podo project in Khanka. He is competent for the management of many church congregations- dig and under his pen- the local Anna Selbsthilfegrup organized leadership- pen. Through his work, and due to its friendly nature, he enjoys great popularity, and it benefits also of Anna's work.

You now find the Chanca project also on the Project page the Podo Web site and Betterplace.

Song Cook med SOAP - Copy

Song Cook medical SOAP for the Podo Centre Khanka.

Transport of shoe bags of Khanka after Burruri - Copy

With a horse cart shoes from Khanka are transported to the self-help group in the village of Burruri.