From the head to the toe- Of the Solling to Africa!

From the head to the toe- Of the Solling to Africa!

They are accepted as self-evident Dassel-, they are there, they are used subconsciously, they take us to other places: Our feet. With them, we commit the world. First, If it not work properly, Remember we, how important are our feet. Quick to the doctor, Ointment on it, or at worst an operation and you go forward again after a short time.

Gospel project Solling donates 1000 Euro for PodoZentrum in Ethiopia

"This is unfortunately not the case in Africa", explained Pastor Martin Possner. "Podokoniose" is a serious disease of the foot, at the 1 Million Ethiopians suffer from. Men and women with Podokoniose can no longer work, are excluded, "considered pariahs, and can therefore not marry or be married", explains Palma. Pastor Palma during a visit last fall has Podo E.v.'s project in Ethiopia. met and loved it, how easily women, Men and children can be helped.

"For 15 a person can be treated successfully with Podo € per year. That, I thought to myself, exactly is the right project for the GPS-choir", tells Martin Possner.


Wolfgang Teichmann, Chairman of the Förderkreis sacred music of Dassel, and Pastor Martin Possner donations transfer for the Anna project.

"The 120 Singers and singers of the last Gospel project, It ended in February with the two concerts and Gospel worship, were fully impressed with this project with their voices to support", reported Wolfgang Teichmann. Singer be on her entire body at all and not only on the vocal cords. "These include the stability and particularly in gospel singing the movement". Gospel is almost impossible without singing movement. Singing goes from the head to the toe. Will African songs with any GPS project. Thus, the GPS choir is committed also to the traditional roots of the Gospels", says Wolfgang Teichmann and passes - as it has become something of a tradition on behalf of GPS singers half of the proceeds from the concerts at Martin Possner.

"These are 1000 Euros for the project of Podo e.V.. So many African feet are healed and the lives of many women, Men and children is this persistent worth living", thanked Dassels,braughing.Herts Pastor.