From darkness to the light

From darkness to the light

New from the Podo Centre in Tschallia.

Christel Ahrens.

Long time nothing about the first Podo Centre in Tschallia has been reported. For 15 Months (June ' 14- Sept ' 15) There was a pause of the project. Why the? After five years of activities, much had been achieved, and there should be no dependency.

By September 2015 – December 2016 There are again financial support through the DIFÄM. During this period, no further expansion was planned, rather is the destination to find out, whether the intervention was sustainable.

Sister Bogaletch, the Podo-Coordinator in Tschallia, traveled through the district and to about 400 People in 21 Villages, who had participated on Podo - self-help groups. She logged the meeting, where, she asked, know the participants of Podo (Causes, Treatment, Rumors, etc). The responses showed, that the knowledge was sustainable.

There are many posts on the question about life before and after the Podo self-help group: You could work again, Earn money and long walking distances; they have less or no pain at all; the shoe size has become smaller. They thanked God for this program and believe, that he has his finger in the game. Here are some z.T. moving words in the original language:

SR. Bogalech Terfasa, Coordinator of the Podo Centre Tschallia

It's a wonderful life.
From darkness to the light.
Happy new life.
A full change.
A few, you previously moved away on all fours,
can now go to their feet!
The disease has cooled down.
We bless, working for Podo.

In a second study, people were asked at home. There were 354 Interviews with directly affected in 5 Villages. Deficiencies of the work on the light came, z.B. achieved much less people by Podo - self-help groups, than we thought. How can that be? More than half said, they had heard nothing from Anna. Others deny their illness, again, others are ashamed of their poverty, Some are very old. Far fewer men than women have been reached. This sad result gave us to think about new strategies, the currently used to test.

The comparison of people, they came to the Podo self-help group, and those, you not participated, very enlightening. Particularly striking was the difference in the assessment of your own feet: 68% said former members of the self-help group, her feet now would be better than before 5 Years. From the Group of those, the never had attended a Podo self-help group, was it only 8%, who could tell by her feet. While the use of SOAP has played a significant role.

The results of the new home visit programme will decide, whether and how the work in the future continues. Due to the tense security situation in the country the planned Podo school program could not be unfortunately.