Wagari Beka introduces itself

I am 27 Years old and have a degree in psychology. At the beginning of the studies, it was, be in Ethiopia 45.000 Psychologists used, especially in the field of special education. When I had finished my studies three years later, There were not enough jobs. So I had to go unemployed back to Dembidollo in my home. After a year I got a job in a kindergarten as an accountant, Assistant teacher and computer specialist and earned 25 € / Month. Of which one can not live.

I heard of the Podo work after two years and worked on a part-time basis. My application was initially the Chankaprojekt, 90 km from my hometown. I attended monthly with Obbo Etana the Podo self-help groups. In the following year, I taught at many schools on prevention of Podo. Last year I was involved in research tasks. I went with questionnaires of from House to House, Knowledge and self treatment to query and to examine the status of the feet. I entered the data into the computer. The results help evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the Podo-work.

Because I'm used in different counties and we annually undertake a journey to other Podo projects in Ethiopia, I got to know my country through the work. It was particularly challenging, If I had to stay out there and without ceiling in remote areas. That happened three times so far.

I'm now starting a distance learning course in management, what I further qualify. Podo e.V. This study is charged.