We were there: Central German Kirchentag, Jena 2013

We were there: Central German Kirchentag, Jena 2013

029_26A_DSF1940Most 22. It was September in Jena, Germany 2. Central German Kirchentag instead and we were represented at the market of opportunities with a status as an association. Among other things, the visitors could, whether small or large, We go through a barefoot path. Despite the somewhat chilly temperatures, you could believe many market visitors to the sense path, Depending on the request with blindfold or could be completed without. Moreover, there was yet a further important accessory: We tied the participants a few foot weights on one foot, to give them a sense of, what it means to move with a z.B.durch Podokoniose of swollen and this heavy foot.

There was also an Ethiopian coffee ceremony and from the roasted beans freshly brewed coffee with us. In this we came with many people in the conversation and were pleased with the honest interest!


Third, there was still a small stall with various articles, We have brought from Ethiopia and have let bring.

Thank you all, over looked!*





*And all the others need to be sad- so much was betrayed: The video camera was again, coming soon more!