Workinesh, What moves you to the Podo project assistance?

Workinesh, What moves you to the Podo project assistance?

An interview with the Ethiopian Podo employee Workinesh.

By Jule Riveter.

Workinesh Regassa is an employee of the Podo project. I'm seeing her on a Podo-tour to Ijaji, where I the cross-regional project manager Christel Ahrens will accompany, who wants to join a closing event of the project and the distribution of shoe associated. Workinesh strikes me immediately, because it is otherwise dressed as most women here. It moves very differently in their environment, as I know it from other invested. It seems confident and eloquent. On the way back in a little restaurant, I have some questions on it:

Dentist: Workinesh, How did you get on Podo and what has moved you to working with?
Workinesh: Through a friend of mine, the Podo had, I stumbled on to the project. It has total liked me. Long time ago I was looking for an activity, where you people here really help and I find totally great work. Even if I would get any money for it, would I still like to do the work.

Dentist: What do you particularly like about working with Podo?
Workinesh: I think it's great, that you can really help the people and they are also often very grateful.

Dentist: And what do you find needing improvement?
Workinesh: It can't think of anything really..

Dentist: I've heard, that you were living before long abroad, tell me about it!
Workinesh: I have 12 Years in Yemen lived and worked as a housekeeper in two different families, then I was still two years in Israel, because my brother there lives. Of course, this time has affected me, but I was often thinking my home country...

Dentist: then you've finally returned ...und, Why?
Workinesh: I have worked in foreign countries, to earn money, but never had the intention to stay away forever. I'm glad to live in Ethiopia and like really very much working for Podo.

Dentist: How beautiful, I wish all the best friends!